A simple portal puzzle game concept. Successfully capture the flag and reach the exit, with  a twist: all your moves are reflected in reverse order after you reach the flag.

How to play (read this first)

To unlock the exit door, you must reach the flag. After you reach the flag, all your movements will be mirrored in reverse. For example, if you go <up, up, left> to get the flag, you will only be able to move <right, down, down> after touching the flag. Portals: One-way portals make it much more difficult to return to the door. Enabled portals are shown in brighter colors, with the entrances in blue.  Tiles: Dark gray tiles will simply stop your movement, but watch out for red tiles, which will kill you.

Objective: If you are not standing on the green exit after all your moves have been rewound, you will automatically fail. Press enter to retry a level or advance to the next one.


WASD/arrow keys: movement

Return: retry level or advance to next

Escape: exit to level select menu

Source: GitHubMade with @thatrobotdev.

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